Hello and welcome to Precision Marine my name is Robert P Mostowski owner of Precision Marine. I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and tell you a little about me and how I made it here.

I started my career in the marine industry in 1981 working for a local boat builder Morgan Yacht. I worked under Doug Karwick in the MEP department (mechanical, electrical, plumbing). I learned to install engine beds, Perkins diesel engines, shaft logs, sea cocks, struts and rudders. I moved to the framing crew after about a year. Working under John Chance I learned how to frame a boat and glass in bulkheads. After spending a couple of years building big sailboats I was ready to move on.

My real passion was for Outboard Marine Engines. I tried to get a job at a couple of the local marine centers in 1984 but they all wanted the same thing. 5 years of experience. I took a special interest in one shop in particular H&H Marine Sales & Service. An authorized dealer for Suzuki Outboards Owned by Andy Glenn & John Fox. But they would not hire me either I had no experience. Frustrated I made my mind up not give up and told John I would be back.

So I went to ITI and took the Marine Engine Mechanics Course for a year. After I graduated from ITI in February 1985 as a honor student I went straight to H&H Marine for that job. I had a hard time convincing John but he eventually gave way to my persistence. You couldn’t knock that smile off my face. I did I got the job! The fire was lit and burning in me now!

During the time I spent with H&H marine I met Walt Proctor who is the Senior District Service Manager for the South East United States representing Suzuki Motor America. I worked closely with John, Andy & Walt. Thankfully they took the time to mentor me through thick and thin. This helped open new doors into my future with Suzuki Motor America. I left H&H marine in 1992 and went to work for Suzuki Marine as a Marine Technical specialist. I helped launch the Suzuki Marine Catch & Reward bonus program and I worked closely with R&D and marketing to help develop the product line while operating the tournament support truck.

After leaving Suzuki Motor America I went to work for PMC North America as the warranty manager and laid the ground work for Precision Marine in my spare time. I officially opened the doors to Precision Marine in 1996 and never looked back. In 2004 through hard work and persistence we finally became a Authorized dealer for the Suzuki Product line. My vision and passion today to offer the highest quality service and repair for Suzuki Outboards has never changed and it never will.